CLASSIC: Another classic day at Wategos Beach
CLASSIC: Another classic day at Wategos Beach Christian Morrow

OPINION: Byron bites back in battle with Yamba

BYRON Bay's deserved reputation as the global gold standard in holiday destinations was confirmed yet again with another coastal contender attempting to compare themselves to Byron.

The latest imitator is Yamba with a recent editorial from our esteemed colleagues at Grafton's Daily Examiner citing 10 reasons why Yamba outshines Byron as a destination.

Digital Producer at the Northern Star, Alex Easton, also leapt to the defence of Byron Bay with his exhaustive list of things that make Byron better than anywhere else.

There are 1.7 reasons why Byron is seen as one of the world's "must see and must do" destinations, and that's the 1.7 million visitors that beat a path to our door every year.

And far from crowds being a turn off, they are absolutely a guarantee of a great visitor experience.

When you are out and about anywhere in the world you want to get into the dance club or the restaurant or the cafe with the longest queue because that's where the action is, or where the food is best or where the coffee smells like heaven.

You want to surf where the other surfers are because that's where the waves are best and Byron has The Wreck, The Pass and Tallows together with several miles of uncrowded beach breaks.

Its simple, Byron is THE place to be because that's where the people want to be. The people have spoken.