The new Woodburn, Broadwater and Wardell Bypass
The new Woodburn, Broadwater and Wardell Bypass

BYPASS WIN: No more trucks ‘bellowing’ through town

THERE has been a resoundingly positive response to the newly opened Broadwater, Wardell and Woodburn bypass.

The bypass has long been a topic of conversation, and it was finally opened this week.

It is aimed at reducing fatalities and traffic congestion.

Amy Trotter, licensee of the Commercial Hotel in Broadwater, said the bypass would be an overall positive for the community.

"As a resident, very happy about it," she said.

"Already it's very relaxing waking up in the morning and not hearing trucks bellowing through the town like they used to.

"As a business owner, there's naturally going to be a significant impact on our turnover, but we feel optimistic that it will be more positive than negative on the town."

Ms Trotter said there was evidence that positive things were on the way for local businesses.

"It'll make it a much more family orientated area," she said.

"I've always said that this town is a town divided by a highway, I think it will bring more sense of community to the area.

"There's already been a lot of people (expressing an interest in) wanting to open businesses, there's the housing development out the back … so that's a big growth spurt for a small town like this."

The Woodburn Business & Community Chamber said the bypass may see businesses having to pivot in coming months.

"Many of the businesses are small takeaway shops, who were dependent on passing motorists wanting a quick meal so they could continue their journey," a spokesperson from the chamber said.

"So they will have to 'pivot' … their businesses to survive - different products and ways of inducing people to stop for longer and enjoy the amenities of the town - river, park, quiet atmosphere."

The Chamber said they were dedicated to working with the community to make it an attractive destination for tourists.

"As well as working on continuing to attract tourism, the Chamber is also actively working on improving amenities for the residents of the town, to make it a great place to live."