Bundaberg ginger beer batch recalled as drinkers injured

NEW Zealand batches of Bundaberg Ginger Beer have been recalled due to a safety hazard - with some caps popping off, causing minor injuries.

A company spokesman said two people had been hurt, when caps from the bottles had popped when opened and hit them in the face, due to pressure.

The products in question have best before dates January 2017 or February 2017 printed in white on the side of the bottle, above the label.

Australian consumers have nothing to worry about. The faulty batches are only sold in New Zealand.  

They are sold as 10 packs and as single bottles in supermarkets, cafes and in other retail outlets.

"Consumers are advised not to open these bottles but to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund," the spokesman said.

If people have opened or consumed the products affected there is no health risk.

This recall does not affect any other Bundaberg Brewed Drinks products or flavours, nor does it affect ginger beer products with other Best Before dates, or any Ginger Beer products sold in four packs.

- NZ Herald