Goldie's x-ray showing several bullet fragments in his head.
Goldie's x-ray showing several bullet fragments in his head. Contribtued

Bullet fragments lodged in dog's brain

BULLET fragments are scattered through Goldie's head.

The purebred dog was shot on Thursday night with what the owner, BJ McGrath, believed was a high-powered rifle, leaving behind 15 fragments which couldn't be removed.

"(Goldie) was my working and breeding dog and very valuable," he said. "Eighteen months ago, this dog's father disappeared without trace.

"A one-week-old baby girl was asleep behind a thin Hardieplank and plaster wall that would not stop a bullet. In the immediate area where the kelpie was shot, there is not more than 30 to 50 metres between houses."

Mr McGrath said Goldie was "surprisingly well" after his ordeal.

"He is far from out of the woods as the bullet fragments are inoperable and we have to wait for the inevitable infection," he said. "Infections that close to the brain can often be fatal."


Goldie, a pure-bred Kelpie from Eatsonville was shot on Friday.
CRUEL ACT: Injuries on Goldie's face after being shot on Thursday night. Contribtued

The attack on Goldie is the latest in a string of attacks on dogs in the Eastonsville area.

Mr McGrath said in the same area, within the past 18 months, a kelpie had disappeared, two German shepherds were shot in their backyard - leaving one with 30 pellet wounds - and two English bulldogs, worth more than $10,000, disappeared without a trace.

He believes the person who shot Goldie would have known who he is.

"Goldie is a very distinctive dog being a full-blood kelpie but a rare mono gold colour and he is well-known locally," he said.

"(This is probably) a very sick and cruel bastard that enjoys killing."

Mr McGrath said the community was fed up with the recent events targeting dogs, and the lack of attention from police.

"I do not want to be overly critical of our under-resourced police but no one has contacted me," he said after reporting the incident nearly five days ago.

"When the German shepherds were shot 30 metres from me last year, not one police officer asked me a question.

"It makes scum (offenders) like this think it is OK to continue killing."