A couple born on the same day in the same hospital this week got the shock of their lives when an even bigger coincidence happened.
A couple born on the same day in the same hospital this week got the shock of their lives when an even bigger coincidence happened.

Couple’s one in a million coincidence

Pretty much nobody marries someone born on the same day in the same hospital.

But that is only the start of the remarkable coincidences for Kate and Jackson Bradshaw.

This week the Bradshaws had their first child in the same place, Sunnybank Hospital Maternity Ward, where they were born 30 years ago.

And the same midwife, Jan McIntosh, who helped usher Ms Bradshaw into the world was there to help with the couple's new baby boy, Louis.

There was nearly an even more extraordinary coincidence, as Louis was due to be born on August 3, just three weeks' shy of the Bradshaws' joint birthday, but was due less than a fortnight before the couple's August 25 joint birthday.

"We met in Year 12 at school (Canterbury College) when we were 16, turning 17,'' Ms Bradshaw said.

"We kind of knew we had the same birthday but it was only a few months after we started going out that we realised we were born in the same hospital.

The same obstetrician, Dr Neill Astill, also ended up delivered both of the Bradshaws as the doctor who was to have been there for Mr Bradshaw was not available.

"But it was only literally when we came in to have Louis that we realised Jan was still working here,'' Ms Bradshaw said."

My Mum still has my birth card records so we took them in and one of the ladies (midwives) said she still worked here.

"She ended up looking after Louis on his second night.''


Ms McIntosh, who has worked at Sunnybank for 37 years, said she had helped deliver the children of mothers she had also delivered, but had never heard of two parents being born on the same day coming back to the same hospital to have a baby.

"I was there for Kate's birth. She came at 5am and Jackson was later in the day so I wasn't there but they would have been in the same nursery (she looked after),'' she said.

Mr Bradshaw was supposed to have been delivered by another doctor but as it turned out he

"I'm 65 now so I told Kate I was not promising to still be here if they decide to have a second baby,'' she joked.

2020 is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife and this is a lovely story to share the importance of connection.

The couple were discharged on Friday and are looking forward to settling in back at home in Buccan, south of Brisbane.

"It's such a small world. It's lovely to have Jan farewell us as we begin our new lives together," Ms Bradshaw said.

Originally published as Brisbane couple's one in a million coincidence