BYRON BOARDRIDERS: Open Women's section winners. Sally Miller is second from left.
BYRON BOARDRIDERS: Open Women's section winners. Sally Miller is second from left.

Boardriders wrap the year

BYRON Bay Boardriders gathered for their end of year presentation ceremony at the Rails in Byron Bay last week to hand out plenty of prizes and trophies in celebration of a big 2017 season.

A special thanks to Tom and Cath Mooney and The Railway Hotel for being our major sponsor this year.

Throughout the year the club ran nine junior rounds and eight open rounds, as well as competing in the Kirra Teams Challenge, The Straddy Assault, and The Australian Boardriders Battle.

All this was thrown in with running our annual golf tourament, the BK Memorial Classic and the Willsy X Groms as well as providing surf coaching incentives.

The club was also proud to be associated with organising the fund raiser for Sally Miller who has been amazing throughout her battle with cancer.

We boardriders have always been proud to throw our support behind individuals in the community who have had some misfortune and need a helping hand and we thank all our sponsors because without you this would not be possible.

As a club our future looks bright with some great young talent coming through and we have been attracting strong ongoing support from sponsors.

Congratulations go to Taj Richmond for winning the Open Mens division for 2017 and to Kirsty Zoric for winning the Open Womens division.

Full results are also available on our web site.

Running a club such as this is not possible without great support from committee members. So it's a big thanks to Michael Harris, James Dodd, Sean Cochrane, Krakka, Daniell Wills, Pete Cameron, Peter Bailey and numerous others who pitch in when help is needed.

We look forward to seeing everyone back next year when club sign on will be around late January or early February.

Junior Results

Under 14s: 1. Duke Wrencher, 2. Masa Leishman, 3. Touma Cameron, 4. Sam Thomas.

Under 12s: 1. Archie Allen, 2. Marki Cameron, 3. Cash Cratchley, 4. Jack Dodd.

Flea girls: 1. Leihani Zoric, 2. Kya Dobson, 3. Izzy Allen, 4. Wwyana Pietramale.

Flea boys: 1. East Soria, 2. Mab Brindley, 3. Finn Sullivan, 4. Will Harris.

Most improved: Taj Benjamin.

Senior Results

Legends: 1. Neil Cameron, 2. Mark Krackowser, 3. Craig Clarridge, 4. Phil Putney.

Masters: 1. Lee Miller, 2 Matt Crisp, 3. Neil Cameron, 4. Phil Putney.

Seniors: 1. Bryce Cameron, 2. Sean Cochrane, 3. Luke Stickley, 4. Matt Crisp.

Under 18 girls: 1. Ava Cormack, 2. Lilly Jones, 3. Rosie Wrencher.

Under 18 boys: 1. Jack Sachs, 2. George Mountjoy, 3. Rhyss Stewart, 4. Hunter Akin.

Open women: 1. Kirsty Shaw, 2. Sally Miller, 3. Celia Gilpin, 4. Ava Cormack.

Open mens: 1. Taj Richmond, 2. Bryce Cameron, 3. Luke Stickley, 4. Jed Fasso.