2014 Big Brother housemate Katie Schepis.
2014 Big Brother housemate Katie Schepis. Paul Broben

Big Brother 'queen bee' Katie dethroned

QUEEN bee Katie Schepis was a bit too confrontational for her fellow Big Brother housemates.

The Sydney nanny was evicted from the reality show tonight and is the third housemate booted out of the house so far this season.

Schepis said she had no idea the other housemates had nicknamed her "queen bee".

"They must have been too afraid to tell me," she told host Sonia Kruger.

"I'm not totally shocked. I know that I am a quite fiery individual and when I am passionate about something I do act on it. I was true to myself."

The 25-year-old was up for eviction against her former team mate Priya Malik after larrikin Travis Lunardi was declared safe.

Schepis and Malik were the original pair to enter the Big Brother house and hold the power as the Heads of House.

The duo decided to take a $20,000 offer from Big Brother and Schepis said she had her $10,000 in cash packed safely in her suitcase.

Housemates Katie and Priya take up Big Brother's $10,000 cash offer.
Housemates Katie and Priya take up Big Brother's $10,000 cash offer. Paul Broben

She reckons the house's current romance between Aisha Mckinnon and Lunardi is a bit one-sided.

"They're happy to have a fun time together in the house," she said.

"I think it's a romance but I also think that Aisha is just having a fun time; Travis is in love."

She maintains magician Lawson is "playing a few tricks" in the house, and like last night's evictee Dion she tips Paralympian Sam to win the show. She also said Sandra was in with a chance.

"I struggled so much without my family and my friends," Schepis said.

"Meeting people who slotted in and became friends and family for me was the best thing ever."

More details were also revealed about the intruder who will enter the Big Brother house tomorrow.

The chiseled, well-traveled man with a Canadian accent appears to be into yoga, fitness and said he loves Australian women.


Big Brother eviction voting results

Priya: 40 percent

Travis: 36 percent

Katie: 24 percent