Evicted housemate Lawson Reeves with host Sonia Kruger.
Evicted housemate Lawson Reeves with host Sonia Kruger. Paul Broben

Big Brother ‘love rat’ Lawson Reeves evicted

AMATEUR magician Lawson Reeves has been evicted from Big Brother after his month-long cheating scandal.

The Perth electrician went into the Big Brother house saying he was with his girlfriend of three years, Candice Leeder.

But Lawson has been seeing Melbourne midwife inside the isolation of the Big Brother house for the past month, with the cheating scandal playing out on national television.

With all nine original housemates up for eviction, he received the smallest percentage of the public vote.

"I know I'm going to cop it… I know what I've done is bad," he told host Sonia Kruger.

Cat Law and Lawson Reeves inside the Big Brother house.
Cat Law and Lawson Reeves inside the Big Brother house. Paul Broben

"It was all or nothing and I went all (in).

"I'm not a stupid person and I know what I have done is wrong and on the outside people are going to have negative opinions."

On tonight's show, Cat revealed she and Reeves have made plans to travel to Bali together after the show and that she was "heading" towards falling in love with him.

"This whole experience is so crazy and that is a getaway that takes us away from everything we have to deal with," Lawson said of their travel plans.

The 23-year-old is even considering moving to Melbourne, in part because of Cat.

The reality TV couple has been nicknamed "Clawson" by fans.

But the love triangle has also fueled a social media debate amongst Big Brother fans.

Some, like recently evicted housemate Jason Roses, condemn his infidelity while others say he was following his heart.

He said he will let his girlfriend Candice end things when he rings her tonight to apologise for "finding someone" in the Big Brother house.

"I think that that relationship will probably be over," he said.

"I have to give her the chance to tell me how she feels and let her finish it. It's tough; you don't ever want to hut someone, especially someone that you care about."

Priya Malik, David Hodis, Ryan Ginns and Skye Wheatley received the most public support and are safe from tomorrow night's eviction.