HOLDING ON: These Fraser Coast mums have formed the Wide Bay Baby Wearers group.
HOLDING ON: These Fraser Coast mums have formed the Wide Bay Baby Wearers group. Jordan Philp

Baby wearers: Mums are attached

THERE are many forms of parenting, and "attachment parenting" or "gentle parenting" is becoming more and more popular with new mums, as past methods are being adopted into a modern society.

Local groups such as Wide Bay Baby Wearers and Wide Bay Attachment and Gentle Parents are allowing parents to explore different ideas when introducing their bundles into the big open world.

Attachment parenting is a concept that has been practised for thousands of years in many cultures, where a parent will carry an infant around in a sling (baby wear), co-sleep with them and demand-feed.

It's not as widely common in western cultures, but recently there has been a renewed interest in the movement.

For local mum Taylor Burchett, who has four-week-old twins and an 18-month-old toddler, it came down to practicality.

"I only have two sets of hands but three little ones, so for me this is just easier," Taylor said.

"The twins settle quicker when they're against me, and my hands are free to do other things that I just can't do by holding them."

Another mum in the group, Amanda Barnes, said she had faced some criticism about her parenting choices, but when she found a group of like-minded mums, her confidence in the style of parenting grew.

"I really enjoy this form of parenting," she said.

"It suits both me and my 10-month-old daughter."

Other parents in the group with older children also spoke of how confident their children had become from attachment parenting.

"Both my girls are now at school and kindy and they are such happy, confident little girls, so it was the right choice for us," said Erin Chaplin.