Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua holds baby Gammy
Thai surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua holds baby Gammy

Aussie charity says Thai baby Gammy is in good hands

AUSTRALIAN charity Hands Across the Water says it is extremely grateful to the public for their continued generosity in donations to Thai baby, Gammy.

"The money raised so far is beyond all expectations and Hands will manage the care and distribution of the funds for Gammy - now and into the future - as it has done for hundreds of Thai children in its care since its establishment nine years ago,'' the charity said in a statement on Tuesday.

The statement comes amid reports the Australian father believed to be the dad of an IVF baby abandoned in Thailand has a criminal conviction for indecently dealing with a child.

Channel Nine News is reporting the crime involved a child under the age of 13, resulting in jail time for the father in 1998.

His wife has confirmed to reporters that she is aware of his past but was "a good man and a good husband regardless", according to Channel Nine.

"In the short term the donations will be used to meet the medical expenses and ensure Gammy's immediate needs are met.

"Hands facilitated the move from a public hospital to a private hospital in Bangkok for Gammy to receive greater care after he became seriously ill with a lung infection.

"Some of the leading specialists for Down Syndrome and pediatrics in Thailand have offered their services and Gammy is being treated by first rate specialists.

"We will consult with Australian specialists if that will assist in Gammy's treatment and we'll consult with Down Syndrome Australia for its advice, but with the level of care he's receiving by top doctors in Thailand, Hands does not believe it's necessary for Gammy to be taken away from his family and brought to Australia for treatment," Hands Founder Peter Baines says.

Peter will head to Thailand in a few weeks to meet Gammy and his family.

While there he will assess what his long term needs might be and Hands will develop a structured long term plan for Gammy's future which will address the challenges he is likely to face as he grows.

Hands will be able to plan for Gammy's needs in the months and years ahead which will, in time, also include his education.

"As with all money donated to Hands, not one cent will be spent by Hands on administration or any other associated costs.

"Once a longer term strategy is developed for Gammy, Hands will provide clear and transparent reporting of income and expenditure, as well as updates to the generous public via Facebook and Twitter," Peter says.