Anti-vaxxer rally at Miami. Picture: Jack Harbour.
Anti-vaxxer rally at Miami. Picture: Jack Harbour.

Anti-vaxxers trick their way into using school

AN anti-vaccination lobby group that hired a school hall for a controversial documentary screening allegedly misrepresented the purpose of their meeting.

A Queensland Government source said the woman who hired the Miami State High School hall told the school her event was to "promote organic food and drink for a healthy lifestyle, particularly to help the aged and homeless".

Instead, the Australian Vaccination-sceptics Network (AVN) hosted a screening of a documentary called 'Vaxxed' that claims to prove links between autism and vaccinations.

"There was no disclosure that the hire of the school hall would be used for screening Vaxxed, nor was there reference to any other organisation including Fans of the AVN," a spokesman from the Department of Education and Training Queensland said.

"The school principal has today met with the business owner who booked the hall to express the school's concerns."

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