Another rape victim speaks out about gang of thugs

ANOTHER woman raped and bashed by a vicious gang of thugs who prowled Toowoomba streets in the 1970s has come forward.

The obviously distraught woman said the Chronicle's coverage of the coronial inquest into the murders of Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans had reignited memories of the shocking treatment she had received at the hands of the gang, including "Shorty'' Laurie.

She was too terrified to be identified.

But she said the brave victim who spoke out in Tuesday's Chronicle had prompted her to call and tell her story.

"I was only 16 at the time and had been living rough on the streets when I got involved with them.

"At one stage they had tied me up in the back of an EH Holden.

"I knew something bad was going to happen.

"Somehow I got out of the car and ran for my life.

"I could have been the next murder victim.''

The woman, now in her 50s, said the gang once tied her to a post for two days and repeatedly raped her.

She said she had spoken to police about her ordeal and was still trying to recover from the horrifying events of 40 years ago.

"I ws only a young girl and had no family.

"One time I was in the car with them and they were having a shootout with police as they fled along a country road.

"Police obviously knew what this gang was up to.

"Why hasn't something been done about these men? I'm still having nightmares about that time.''

The woman said she had been saved by a country detective who had taken her away from the gang and helped her get her life back on track.

She said she had spoken to Toowoomba CIB detectives last week and was hoping something could be done to address this dark time in Toowoomba's past.