A greyhound has died after racing in Casino on Wednesday. Photo: stock.
A greyhound has died after racing in Casino on Wednesday. Photo: stock.

Another greyhound death prompts calls for overhaul

ANOTHER GREYHOUND has died on a Northern Rivers' track, making it two deaths in the past four days.

Lil Breeze passed away yesterday (October 22) after coming a distant last in race two at Casino and collapsing post-race.

In the broad picture, the death is the seventh greyhound death within the week and the 39th greyhound death across the state in 2020.

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds president Dennis Anderson labelled the greyhound racing industry as "ruthless" and claimed it promoted "dangerous environment".

"Even though she was three years old, Lil Breeze was a veteran with 62 race starts. But she's another victim of a ruthless racing industry that forces greyhounds to run in a dangerous environment that has killed seven dogs within a week," said Dennis Anderson, national president, CPG.

"The industry will no doubt mouth their platitudes, but their words are hollow, 167 greyhounds have died racing this year, in agony and pain. Lil Breeze is the fourth dog to die after collapsing," he said.

"The career of a greyhound is brutal. They run at 60km per hour on dangerous curved tracks, in races with too many dogs, and deaths and injuries are inevitable. They are just regarded as disposable products to feed the gambling business," he said.

The Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission confirms a full post-mortem investigation has determined the cause of death was an internal haemorrhage.

This incident will be further analysed at the next meeting of the Race Injury Review Panel.

Mr Anderson said the only way to stop these outcomes was to ban greyhound racing altogether.

"The only way to end greyhound suffering is to ban greyhound racing. But until that happens, the industry must reduce on-track deaths and injuries by implementing safer tracks with an emphasis on straight tracks and six-dog races."