Sandy Jeudwine opened The Village Herbalist in Alstonville in 2019. (Credit: Adam Daunt)
Sandy Jeudwine opened The Village Herbalist in Alstonville in 2019. (Credit: Adam Daunt)

Alstonville herbalist goes global

SANDY JEUDWINE is ready to take on the world after she exported the second shipment of her custom-made percolators earlier this week.

She operates The Village Herbalist in Alstonville and the percolators have received buyers in America and Canada.

The business owner said the expansion to her business had come as a welcome surprise.

“I had some inquiries from overseas and after a long process, I had tried to export before but couldn’t find a reasonable freight price that made it affordable, found a great deal and sent off the first to North Carolina and then to Canada,” Ms Jeudwine said.

“It’s totally exciting because the population is that much bigger

“I’ve just set up to start formally advertising in the US so hopefully we’ll take it from there.”

The percolators have powdered herb material placed inside before the solvent is passed over, and with the weight of the solvent and gravity, the liquid comes out the bottom ready for use in medicine.

Ms Jeudwine said the best part of the exporting phase was the chance to network with other business people from across the globe.

“The best part for me is making professional connections overseas,” she said.

“So currently a lot of herbal inspiration in Australia comes from the US so it’s really nice to be sending it back the other way now.”

The expansion comes almost a year after Ms Jeudwine opened her store in Alstonville, which has received great support from the community.

“I am very happy with the reception, really happy, very well received actually,” she said.

Ms Jeudwine is remaining decidedly humble about what comes next for the business, despite the exciting times recently.

“Every win is a bonus, I absolutely love what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else and I am just so thankful I have the opportunity to be here and be accepted by the community,” Ms Jeudwine said.

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