BASKETBALL: Byron Bay basketballer Harry Blair at left.
BASKETBALL: Byron Bay basketballer Harry Blair at left.

Aiming for basketball big time

STANDING 1.9 metres tall at just 14 years of age, there are high hopes for Byron Bay basket baller Harry Blair.

There is even time for him to grow even taller. Harry has just finished the state titles and in January heads to the National Cup to represent NSW Country.

Following that he is off to the Australian Junior AAU team selection which will see him spend three weeks in the United States next July with an opportunity to trial for the Mel Young Easter Classic tournament in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Harry's two Byron Bay coaches, Alvin Caoyonan and Nash Campbell, think he has what it takes to make it to his ultimate dream of playing on the US professional circuit.

They have watched Harry play continuously since he picked up his ball of choice at just 8 years of age. Every week he plays in A and B grade, the high school comp and the NJL representative team.

Whilst passion is free, dreams of following in Ben Simmons footsteps don't come cheap and Harry has been hard at work fund raising for his make or break trip to the US in just over six months time.

Unbeknown to his parents, Helen and Joe Blair, Harry has set up his own 'gofundme' account.

"It's not easy juggling fund raising with the basketball that's permanently glued to Harry's hands,” said his mother Helen.

"We are extremely proud of his dedication. We are not basketballers ourselves, Harry is just totally driven and self motivated.

To help Harry on his way got to: harry-to-international basketball