PRO BONO: Byron Bay lawyer Johnathan de Vere Tyndall always gets a good roll
PRO BONO: Byron Bay lawyer Johnathan de Vere Tyndall always gets a good roll Contributed

Advice straight from the coal face of law

FREE, no-strings-attached legal advice is always hard to come.

Thats why Johnathan de Vere Tyndall's Pro Bono Cafes always draw a crowd with dozens turning up for last week's at Targa Cafe in Byron to sit down with Johnathan and his staff.

Mr de Vere Tyndall said he and his team always look forward to the Pro Bono Cafe, "it's real coal face law.”

"We have no idea what we are about to hear, we do the research then and there on the spot and present the client with a draft of advice that can be worked on later,” he said.

"Older clients are particularly concerned about wills and estate matters- either someone has died or is about to, and they feel they have not been given sufficient information about their rights regarding the estate.

"I also provide a lot of advice on family matters- often this can mean helping someone caught in an abusive relationship and wondering whether they should leave- and we try to be very supportive in these circumstances.

"And there are always questions about commercial and employment contracts.”

This was the eighth Pro Bono Cafe organised by Tyndall and Company Lawyers.

"We had 26 clients over the two days with 19 of those last Monday alone,” Mr de Vere Tyndall said.

"The overwhelming feed-back from clients was positive, many leaving the session with an increased sense of happinness.

"There were about three or four in the queue who were pressed for time and could not wait so we are happy to hear from those who queued up but missed out and offer them a free consult in the office.

"We took note of their names so they can just call us at the office to organise a pro-bono session.”

- For information call: 66855004.