ADF offering awesome trade job opportunities

If YOU'RE looking for a trade career with guaranteed employment, competitive salary and great benefits including free medical and subsidised accommodation the Australian Defence Force is now recruiting.

Warrant Officer (WOFF) Ted Grygorcewicz from Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) Specialist Trade Recruitment team says there are over 31 Trade positions available across the Navy, Army and Air Force.

"There are distinct advantages in  undertaking trade training in the ADF versus a civilian apprenticeship. Depending on the trade, you can qualify in half the time with up to twice the pay.

"Your training will be on some of the most advanced equipment and systems available. You will be paid while you train and enjoy great benefits including free medical and  subsidised accommodation.

"At the end of your training you will receive qualifications that recognised in the civilian world".

WOFF Grygorcewicz said that trade jobs in the ADF offer great diversity.

You could be doing some amazing jobs on some amazing equipment, a marine technician on a Collin Class Submarine, a mechanic on the M1 Abrahams tank or an aviation technician working on the F-18 Super Hornet".

"We have a number of roles in the Navy, Army and Air Force for females. I'd encourage any young women who are considering a trade career to apply.

For more information you can check out the defence jobs website.