Forestry contractor fined for logging offences

A FORESTRY contractor working west of Casino has been fined $6600 for logging offences on private properties.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued the harvesting contractor two penalty notices for work done between October 19 and November 25 on two properties in Hogarth Range.

EPA Principal Forestry Manager Michael Hood said the penalty was for operating in riparian exclusion zones and for conducting operations on a property not covered by a current Private Native Forestry (PNF) Property Vegetation Plan (PVP).

"These are significant offences," he said.

"Senior EPA officers made considerable efforts to advise the contractor of the requirements of the PNF Code and the laws around PNF PVPs.

"It appears the contractor ignored this advice and broke the laws on more than one occasion.

"Ignoring these laws harms the environment.

"The EPA will monitor this contractor closely to ensure they comply with forestry regulations in future."