Eric "gutted" no one will stand trial for sister's murder

ERIC Wilson admits yesterday's coronial findings into the 1974 murder of his sister Lorraine and her friend Wendy Evans produced a few surprises.

Mr Wilson's 39-year push for a coronial inquest into the rape, torture and murder of the women was summarised in a 35-page document handed down by State Coroner Michael Barnes.

It contained material Mr Wilson had previously not seen from a statement made to police in 1989 by a woman named Kim Sandercock.

The material suggested his sister may have been killed by a blow with a metal bar to the back of the head while trying to escape from a car.

"All of a sudden I'm hearing maybe my sister was killed in the car," Mr Wilson said.

He said he was also surprised to learn both women's bra clips were done up when their bodies were found in 1976.

Mr Wilson said he was gutted that the coroner found there was not sufficient evidence to commit anyone still alive to trial for the murders.

"I'll go home to lick my wounds and try to make sense of it all.

He said public naming of the persons of interest was a small victory.

"Their families are the ones who have got to carry their legacy for what they did.

"We wanted to see one of these alive buggers go to court."

Mr Wilson was grateful for public support he had received and to the people who had come forward to give evidence.

He was confident his late mother, who also campaigned for a coronial inquest, would have been comforted by the fact the persons of interest were on the public record.

His advice to others was that it was not too late to come forward with information, whether it was for the crime against his sister and Wendy Evans or any other crime.