Appeal sees prison stay halved for drug-dealing brothers

TWO drug-dealing brothers who were caught organising the sale of 24kg of pseudoephedrine pills in Coffs Harbour have had the length of their prison stays halved on appeal.

Daniel and Brian Grover were described by their lawyers as "opportunistic middlemen" who were involved in three separate pseudoephedrine sales - each worth $100,000 - sending chemicals from Sydney to Brisbane during 2011.

The drugs were stolen from a pharmaceutical company.

Daniel was sentenced to 17 years jail with no chance of parole for 11 years. His brother received a 16-year sentence with parole eligibility after 11 years.

The duo appealed the judge's decision, arguing it was excessive and that the poor quality of the pills - major ingredients in making meth - was not taken into account.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Fullerton agreed and almost halved the sentences.

Daniel Grover will now be eligible for parole in August, 2019 after serving five years of a nine years and six month sentence.

Brian Grover was re-sentenced to nine years jail and will be eligible for parole in February, 2019.