An artist's impression of a new Sihk temple being planned for Lismore.
An artist's impression of a new Sihk temple being planned for Lismore.

$900,000 religious temple proposed for Lismore

PLANS are in motion to build a $900,000 temple in Lismore for followers of one of Australia's fastest-growing religions.

Lismore Sikh Temple Incorporated lodged a development application with Lismore City Council to build the temple on a vacant block of land in Wilson St, South Lismore.

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It would be used for regular Sunday services, weddings and "key festivities".

The DA is currently on public exhibition.

The proposed building will be two-storey with the main worship area on the first floor and amenities and kitchen and dining area on the ground floor.

"The temple will have a maximum capacity of 200-250 people," the report by planners Newton Denny Chapelle states.

"The temple will be accessible all year with a normal service being three to four hours in length; services will typically be held on Sunday mornings."

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Several weddings would also be held at the temple each year, and six "key festivities" for up to four hours, with 250 people in attendance.

"A commercial kitchen is proposed to service the key festivities and weddings where required," the report states.

"The building will be constructed of concrete block walls, with the front facade of the building to be rendered and Colorbond roof. Extensive landscaping is proposed surrounding the carpark area."

Sikhism has experienced significant growth in the past decade, and is currently Australia's fifth largest faith group, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Australian Sikh Association website says they believe in one pantheistic God (Ek Onkar) who is "omnipresent and has infinite qualities".

"Sikhs do not have a gender for God nor do they believe God takes a human form," the website explains.

"All human beings are considered equal regardless of their religion, sex or race.

"Followers of Sikhism are encouraged to wake in the early morning hours, before the sun has risen, and meditate on God's name.

"They must work hard and honestly and never live off of others, but give to others from the fruits of one's own labour."

Sikhs also believe in:

Reincarnation. All creatures have souls that pass to other bodies upon death

Striving to defeat these five vices ego, anger, greed, attachment, and lust in his/her being with contentment, charity, kindness, positive attitude and humility

Living a family life, providing and nurturing children

Giving 10 per cent of your net earnings to charity.