THE GUIDE: Deathwalker Training host Zenith Virago.
THE GUIDE: Deathwalker Training host Zenith Virago. Veda Dante

3 things you wouldn't expect at a seniors expo

WALKING into a seniors expo, the kind of products and services expected are dentures, mobility scooters, or tips on how to make a will or how to send an email.

The Byron Bay Seniors Expo will offer a very different range of products and services, and here are three we were surprised to see featured:

After Death Care by Zenith Virago

Byron Shire's own 'deathwalker' Zenith Virago will be talking to people about 'de-mystifying their choices at the end of life'.

"(I'll explain) the legal documents they should know about and complete for end of life, options to consider about what and how they approach end of life and after death, to consider what they want, and to open the conversation up with their families, or to leave clear instructions so the family can follow their wishes,” she said

Virago said Northern Rivers resident are open to alternative after death rituals.

"Many people have cardboard coffin, burial on private land, scattering of ashes in different more natural places,” she said.

"Ceremonies in the park, at the beach, driving the person in their own car, building their own coffins, legally keeping the body at home on a cold plate for up to five days.”

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus by Audiologist Dr Paul Davis

Dr Davis' main aim is to inform the community of the recent scientific progress in managing hearing loss and treating tinnitus in simple terms.

"Recent brain scanning experiments have helped further our understanding of how our brain processes sound,” he said.

"Tinnitus ('ringing in the ears' is a common description) can now be measured in live humans and research has progressed a lot as a result.

"We are able to dispense hearing devices from all the major manufacturers and are the only accredited Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment providers in the Northern Rivers.”

Comedy by Robert Grayson

The Northern Rivers comedian will entertain audiences with a routine based on his experiences after turning 60.

"(It will be) funny, I am hoping. I am 62 so will be looking at the lighter side of the ageing experience,” he said.

"This gig should be more care-free for me since seniors are probably too tired to heckle, they'll think it is part of the routine if I forget my lines.

"Also, they won't be on their mobile phones, I hope”.

Other services and products featured on the event will be banking, care, education, Centrelink, My Health Record and the Cancer Council.