$27 Bunnings product saves you thousands

The events of the last few months mean it's safe to say you've probably gone through a few more spray and wipe bottles then you normally would.

If you've been feeling the pinch from buying extra cleaning products to keep your home coronavirus safe then Bunnings has got a product that could save you thousands.

Posting on the Reddit's Australia page user A_Cat_Named_Frank shared their pro tip for saving money.

They shared a photo of a 5-litre bottle of spray and wipe cleaning concentrate, which cost $27.44.

"Go to Bunnings for cleaning supplies," they captioned the photo.


This jumbo bottle of disinfectant could save you thousands.
This jumbo bottle of disinfectant could save you thousands.


"That $30 bottle make up 300 litres of spray and wipe. The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2700."

A_Cat_Named_Frank made the calculation based on how much a bottle of Dettol spray and wipe would cost from Coles - $4.50 for 500ml.

The post soon attracted hundreds of comments, with one Reddit user revealing they were now on their second bottle of the spray and wipe concentrate four years after buying their first bottle.

"Probably the greatest life hack I've seen in ages. Thank you!" another person wrote.

People also shared the other ways they saved money by buying reusable cleaning products that were also better for the environment.


A 500ml bottle of Dettol spray from Coles will set you back $4.50.
A 500ml bottle of Dettol spray from Coles will set you back $4.50.


"It just so happens you can buy 1 litre professional spray bottles at Bunnings for a few bucks as well that are way better than most spray and wipe bottles," one commented.

"Use washable microfibre cloths for additional re-usable benefit," another wrote.

Others said you could save even more by making your own mix at home or shopping at wholesale.

"I just use a mix of water, vinegar and a dash of detergent," one person said.

"Don't tell anyone about cleaning supplies shops," another person said, "20 litres of Windex (equivalent) $45."




If you're looking for an even cheaper alternative to buying surface cleaner or just want a natural alternative then there's an easy way you can make your own surface cleaner at home.

Non-toxic cleaning expert Krissy Ballinger previously shared with news.com.au her easy method to make spray and wipe at home.

Ms Ballinger founded The Inspired Little Pot, an online community that provides recipes about how to make natural cleaning products at home with minimal products and an even smaller price tag.

Vinegar can be used to make a cleaning spray that costs just $1 per litre to make - and contains just two ingredients.

"I soak lemon peels - or any citrus peels - in vinegar for a couple of weeks," Ms Ballinger said.

"I'll pop them in a jar, top with vinegar, put it under my sink and leave it for a few weeks until the liquid goes a beautiful amber colour.

"I decant that into a spray bottle and that is all-purpose cleaning spray, a replacement for sugar soap, surface cleaner."

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